The Seeker

Something I’ve been working in and out between commissions and that really need to be DONE between sketches and such: Headworld! Done as social media banner. With the…

Digital Warm Ups: February 2021

Slow month! I’ve been sick longer than expected but some nice exploration. Again mixed themes, but mostly scifi and my hate for Mondays  

The King

Commission work for @piglegion666 on instagram based on Conan Covers. >:)                                  …

Love is in the Bridge

Commission work                      

Digital warm-ups: January 2021

Colour practices and sketches done in January 2021  

Digital warm-ups: October – December 2020

Warm up sketches between October and December this year. Quite random mix of historical, fantasy and scifi characters, mostly used to develop style and colour skills

Commission: Brothers in arms

Through these fields of destruction Baptism of fire I’ve watched all your suffering As a battle raged high And though they did hurt me so bad In the…

Commissions: Captain Grif Mallan & Peri Katsim

Cardassian characters

Commission: For Hire

A tiefling in search of your new contract   Final image   Thumbnails Sketch Line in progress