#DystopianInk 2021 – An October Ink Challenge

  Last year I wasn’t able to finish my project of one drawing a day in ink, and it’s a thorn in my side all this time. So…

Digital warm-ups: September 2021

Colour practices ç

Drink up your rum!

  A commission of a 7th Sea role-playing group (a «swashbuckling and sorcery»- themed tabletop role-playing game). Some pirates relaxing in a tavern after their last adventure and…

Space Spirit

Exploring a planet out beyond the known space you may find some terrible places… or some wonderful ones. If you never take the first step, you’ll never know…

Brandywine chill

Just a hobbit relaxing on the banks of the Brandywine. This was a test using a warm-up + a flowscape screenshot and mattepaint/overpaint on top of it. It…

Chaos Dragon

Commission work for a d&d custom chaos dragon  

Digital warm-ups: June-August 2021

Colour practices and warm ups from the summer!

Ilona Featherbottom: Sketch Page

A lovely sketch-page commission! Granted from a client for a friend, really loved it Description provided by the client: Ilona Featherbottom, a lightfoot halfling rogue thief. She comes…

Star Trek Fan Characters

Some OC/fancharacters art commissioned, included some trek uniform designs!