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Graphic designer, avid illustrator, 3D modeller, weird bird

Dnd Party

Commission work of a Dungeons and Dragons party:Vineon, the halfling rogue; Chéile, the tiefling bard; Braxin, the gnome wizard; Isarrel, the elf cleric; Mack, half-orc fighter; Aria, the…

January 2022 Warm Ups

Colour practice, January 2022. Draw in CSP, PS for colour correction  

Blame it on the black star

Personal project, space scenes, space scenes, Sarcasm Monarchs and things that, perhaps, turn out a little bit worse than expected. But worry not, at the end of the…

November – December 2021 Warm Ups

Warm-ups of the last stretch of the year, varying from traditional to digital. There are fewer than usual because life has been hectic and as I have decided…

Commissions: November-December 2021

Some commissioned work, with workflow pics, of this last months of 2021  

#DystopianInk 2021 – An October Ink Challenge

  Last year I wasn’t able to finish my project of one drawing a day in ink, and it’s a thorn in my side all this time. So…

Digital warm-ups: September 2021

Colour practices ç

Drink up your rum!

  A commission of a 7th Sea role-playing group (a «swashbuckling and sorcery»- themed tabletop role-playing game). Some pirates relaxing in a tavern after their last adventure and…

Space Spirit

Exploring a planet out beyond the known space you may find some terrible places… or some wonderful ones. If you never take the first step, you’ll never know…