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Graphic designer, avid illustrator, 3D modeller, weird bird

Digital warm-ups: March-May 2021

Phew! it has been a time without updates here! but with plenty of art Colour practices and warm ups

The Seeker

Something I’ve been working in and out between commissions and that really need to be DONE between sketches and such: Headworld! Done as social media banner. With the…

Digital Warm Ups: February 2021

Slow month! I’ve been sick longer than expected but some nice exploration. Again mixed themes, but mostly scifi and my hate for Mondays  

Digital warm-ups: January 2021

Colour practices and sketches done in January 2021  

Digital warm-ups: October – December 2020

Warm up sketches between October and December this year. Quite random mix of historical, fantasy and scifi characters, mostly used to develop style and colour skills

Commission: For Hire

A tiefling in search of your new contract   Final image   Thumbnails Sketch Line in progress

Digital warm-ups: September 2020

Warm ups!              

By the sword in my hand

Commission work This grizzled warrior is ready to battle and far from defeated. Pose inspired in awesome @null-entity stock   Final image   Flats Linework Sketch Thumbnails  

Digital warm-ups: July – August 2020

A bunch of warm-ups sketches done this summer: There are a couple of still frames redraw here.