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May the coffee be with you

A new commision! Those two girls live in Star Wars universe, and even if it’s full of adventures and amotions, there is always a nice time to make…

Set sail and conquer

Commision work! A dungeons and dragons pirate crew, with a hedgehog captain, a couple of unmatched elves and a big human ready to conquest the sea.

Segorol Poster

Frame studies

Several studies based on movie frames. My goal is to improve composition, colour and simplifying the lines to make them more effective and dynamic. It is a research…

Family in blue

Andorian group  

Sunset Sarabande

Commision portraying a Dungeons and dragons group. Step by step can be found here

Treating A Hero!

Doctor Atkins take care of Lt. T’Von’s, after USS Venture battled against some Jem-Hadar starships. Step by step can be found here

Beyond the fire

Commision work, duergar character. Step by step can be found here

Guess the time flies…

Step by step can be found here