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Warm-ups 2022

There have been a lot of changes this year in my life, so I’ve not been drawing so many warm-ups as I used to do. Something I should…

Baryonyx Walkeri

I’ve been trying to learn other finishing styles these last few months, and I’ve decided to complicate things by trying to make a palaeoart at the same time….

Star Trek Characters

Some Star Trek characters, either commissioned, done for friends or for fun

My god, it’s full of stars

The pinkiest space (personal art)

Alien Desert

A little challenge with my co-workers, space adventures in the alien desert. And I’ve spent too much time on the spaceman because I’m like that.

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight

Exploring! Personal work

Birthday Present

I’m a day late but ….. happy birthday to the best swordplay instructor, armoured brawler, art inspiration and all-round good dude!

Dnd Party

Commission work of a Dungeons and Dragons party:Vineon, the halfling rogue; Chéile, the tiefling bard; Braxin, the gnome wizard; Isarrel, the elf cleric; Mack, half-orc fighter; Aria, the…

January 2022 Warm Ups

Colour practice, January 2022. Draw in CSP, PS for colour correction