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Chaos Dragon

Commission work for a d&d custom chaos dragon  

Digital warm-ups: March-May 2021

Phew! it has been a time without updates here! but with plenty of art Colour practices and warm ups

The Seeker

Something I’ve been working in and out between commissions and that really need to be DONE between sketches and such: Headworld! Done as social media banner. With the…

Digital Warm-ups: May 2020

Frame studies

Several studies based on movie frames. My goal is to improve composition, colour and simplifying the lines to make them more effective and dynamic. It is a research…

My pet escape: Rescue the dog! – Advertising art

Advertising art, icon, selection screen, etc. for  My pet escape: Rescue the dog!. Mostly composition and postproduction of game assets. I’ve also participate in the module design, retexture of…

Cheese Hole Games banner

Advertising art for playstore for Cheese Hole Games. I’ve posed, rendered and postproducing the image, using in-game assets

Mobile advertising art

This is a selection of some of the advertising art I’ve made both for ASO (App Store Optimization) test and from new brand games. I’ve work on composition and…

Casual Girl Games

  Logo design for Casual Girl Games. The target were little girls from 5 to 12 years, browsing mobile APP. It focuses on simulation games (shopping, beauty, fashion,…