Commission work.
Description providen by client:
«Empowered by the Light taken from the four Lightwardens of Norvrandt, the heroine sought to save a dying world from the machinations of a dead race. Always searching for greater power, the envy she held to those who overpowered her dragged her down. When the final moment came, there was only one way to vanquish the creature that held everything in contempt. Drawing on the Light’s power the heroine let go of her envy and accepted the change that came with it.
Rising out of the depths of her own personal hell, the newly Forgiven Avidity surged with the power to destroy the Darkness once and for all. Her work beneath the waves finished shortly after, the Lightwarden quickly sensed the dark Crystal Tower and willed herself there, ready to bring the people clustered around it to the Light, willingly or no…»