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Star trek characters (2)


#Swordinktober 2019: An Inktober proyect

  Inktober 2019 List: #swordinktober by @dropthedrawing Focused on Sword and Sorcery Characters Prints availible on redbubble. Originals on sale (send a message)     Day 1 –…

Android girl

Personal art

The shape shifter

Human in aparence a flickening in his shape made the scientist suspect of hir true nature. After some experiment and several innoculations hir nature reveals: a shape shifter,…

The Devourer of Worlds

The planet eater is a lonely and terrible creature that prowls from system to system, nothing live after it appears > (so, yeah, biggest chomp in the galaxy!) This…

The dreamer

Inktober 2018, coloured.

May the coffee be with you

A new commision! Those two girls live in Star Wars universe, and even if it’s full of adventures and amotions, there is always a nice time to make…

Set sail and conquer

Commision work! A dungeons and dragons pirate crew, with a hedgehog captain, a couple of unmatched elves and a big human ready to conquest the sea.

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