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Into the unknown

Step by step can be found here  

Ander’s Respite

A dungeon’s character in his daydream, between reality, dream and with the fae land touching his mind. The first real rest for a warrior who had spend too…

Spidey – Miles Morales

Spiderman: into the Spiderverse fan art

Escape of the Apache

Scifi scene

~ F · L · O · A · T ~

Space jumps. Mixed media.

Trek Portraits

Several star trek related fan-arts, mostly fan-characters. I use this little pieces to explore style and techniques.


Exploring different techniques through portraits

Curse of Strahd

Another commision, a goup of adventurers that are defying the evil in Strahd,  


I’ve the pleasure to introduce you to Rurik, a Dwarf “merchant” in r a Dungeons and Dragons game, commisioned by a wonderful writer fellow . This guy with…