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Trek Portraits

Several star trek related fan-arts, mostly fan-characters. I use this little pieces to explore style and techniques.


Exploring different techniques through portraits

Curse of Strahd

Another commision, a goup of adventurers that are defying the evil in Strahd,  


I’ve the pleasure to introduce you to Rurik, a Dwarf “merchant” in r a Dungeons and Dragons game, commisioned by a wonderful writer fellow . This guy with…

Inktober: Viking Rider

Coloured inktober picture.  

Enviroments 1

Several enviroment stydies, both 3d and 2d    

The Hunter

Character exploration

My pet escape: Rescue the dog! – Advertising art

Advertising art, icon, selection screen, etc. for  My pet escape: Rescue the dog!. Mostly composition and postproduction of game assets. I’ve also participate in the module design, retexture of…

Cheese Hole Games banner

Advertising art for playstore for Cheese Hole Games. I’ve posed, rendered and postproducing the image, using in-game assets