Portfolio Category: 3D

Juggernaut A6

Juggernaut by numenskog on Sketchfab

Alien bust

Alien bust by numenskog on Sketchfab

Werewolf Sculpt

Creature design. Modelled in Zbrush from a sphere primitive. Textured in zbrush using polypaint. Lighting & rendering with native light in Zbrush. Image assembled in photoshop

Abandoned hut

Made with 3dMax, texture set-up & postpro in Photoshop

Randgrid’s Hotel

Lighting study in the same scene. Nightligh and daylight. Concept based on an abandoned french-like hotel.  

Welcome to Perdicion

Enviroment modelling. Rough concept based on a post apocaliptic shanty-town, half buried in the snow. At the begin of the project the lighting was planed as twilight, but…