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Juggernaut A6

Juggernaut by numenskog on Sketchfab

Alien bust

Alien bust by numenskog on Sketchfab

Unnamed, the Hunter

  Original character, sketch done with pencil, digitally inked and coloured

Inktober 2015

In 2009, Jake Parker create an awesome initiative: the Inktober challenge,  31 Days 31 Drawings Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge…

Triangulated animals

  Two sets of triangulated animals, explorating symmetry and poligonal design: Faces of the biggest carnivores/omnivores mammals of Iberian Peninsula triangulated Ravens & Crows multicolours  

Werewolf Sculpt

Creature design. Modelled in Zbrush from a sphere primitive. Textured in zbrush using polypaint. Lighting & rendering with native light in Zbrush. Image assembled in photoshop

Abandoned hut

Made with 3dMax, texture set-up & postpro in Photoshop

Randgrid’s Hotel

Lighting study in the same scene. Nightligh and daylight. Concept based on an abandoned french-like hotel.  

Welcome to Perdicion

Enviroment modelling. Rough concept based on a post apocaliptic shanty-town, half buried in the snow. At the begin of the project the lighting was planed as twilight, but…