This is a work made  for an assigment We must made a landscape, and after some research I decided to made an post-apocaliptic scene. Also, I always felt in love with snowy landscape, so I mixed all the concept and had a kind of postapocaliptic-frozen-shanty-spanish-village (yep, spanish, only because welcome and perdicion – downfall- have some kind of rhyme). Maybe it’s a weird concept, but I found some kind of magic on it. It had been made in 3Dmax and phothoshop (concept, textures, postproduction) and it was my first «complex» 3d proyect.  I think the final render looks pretty neat.

This is the final image show in the class, in the bottom row you can see from left to right the concept-art (photomanipulation with some painting), model render, illumination test, preproduction render, and a variation of the final render :

Here you can see the model topology in detail ( ambient-occlusion ilumination)

Light test detail with distant fog and AO

The rejected postpro render. Every time I back on it iask myself why i choose the other one